The Weekend is Arriving Soon

I am looking forward to the weekend that will begin at 7 PM CST.  I have no major plans right now because of the Coronavirus scare that has reached the United States from China.  It is rampant in pmts of Wisconsin around Rock County.  Madison, which is Dane County, has a few cases of the Coronavirus.  Rock County haas a person affected with the Coronavirus.  It is believed that he went to a conference in Chicago where the virus has a few cases now since the virus came to the United States.  My church, in Beloit, Wisconsin has found a way to communicate as the Pastor sets up a conference to do a sermon.  Being limited to where we can go at this time, makes it difficult for some.  Since the Coronavirus scare, a lot of panicking has occurred, and people think we will be locked up in our homes with no social interaction.  As far as social interaction goes for me, I have dialysis patients, workers here daily, and I do not bother the tenants at Burbank Plaza Apartments for personal reasons.  I am already social distancing myself.  Dialysis is a must.

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Life continues before 6 AM here at the Karnopp household. Personal cares will be beginning in about fifteen minutes or so. I have been up since 5:30 AM and thought about getting online to write a little. My neighbor above me happens to be my alarm clock every morning. I do not sleep in too often. By 5 AM, my neighbor is up and moving around, even on Sundays! No, I am not upset. Getting up at 5 AM doesn’t bother me. I just have a more extended day, and I go to bed by 8 PM every night. That is why I always take my laptop into my bedroom by 6 PM every night.

Today is dialysis day. I have not updated on how things are going in that department because I have been a little busy with other things that take priority over my blogging and diary right now. That is why my diary posts have been few lately. Dialysis updates are coming.

Have to run for now. DKF will be here shortly; I have to find what I am going to wear for the day at the clinic and be comfortable all day at home. I hope everyone has the best day possible.