A New Day Has Begun

It is going to be 7 AM in a little while this Monday morning in the good ol’ state of Wisconsin. We have snow on the ground after having a couple of storms Friday night through to Sunday. First, it was rain and sleet that turned the roads icy, and some people had trouble driving. I did not make it to dialysis Saturday morning. I do not miss dialysis to worry about my blood being cleaned of the toxins my transplanted kidney can no longer do after 31 1/2 years (32 as of March 12, 2020). I do not miss my treatments, and I go without argument, and I do get upset when I have to miss because of inclement weather, or the clinic calls me to tell me not to come in at my regular time. Saturday was no different, and I managed just fine. Life in the Karnopp household continues. The world is still spinning on its axis, and that is a good sign.

My worker DKF will be here at 7 AM, and personal cares will begin until 10:30 AM or so. I have no significant plans today, and I do not plan to go anywhere until tomorrow morning for dialysis treatment. I have not seen DKF since Friday morning when she left. I’ve texted her what was happening Saturday, so I might hear about my interrupting her on her weekend off when she gets here. If she doesn’t say anything about my text, all will be good at this end. If she does say something, it will be discussed and taken care of.

My Saturday Was A Little Different Today

Mother Nature is one unpredictable aspect of life; we do not have control. Today was one of those days where “she” decided to make the roads and streets of our little city challenging to drive on. It rained/sleeted during the night, and it became icy. I am surprised people are outside in this lousy weather. My ride to and from dialysis did not happen. I ended up staying home and watched movies on HMM all morning and afternoon until I came into my bedroom for the evening. It has been a tranquil day minus the noises of living from my neighbor in his apartment above me.

Now, knowing that I have no control of anyone but myself, I have to admit that living in an apartment complex with thin walls, there are some things I need not hear or care to listen to. Normal living noises are acceptable, but when it comes to hearing certain sounds, I can only assume what some sounds are. The idea of my neighbor having his girlfriend over, and they may be having sex, or he is masturbating. Do I need to hear that? No, I do not. It is making their personal lives known to others. Oh well, it is his life, and I am glad that it is not mine.