A Good Night Entry

Before time escapes me, I thought I would write another entry before closing shop for the night.  Even though I have treatment tomorrow, I am staying up later than my regular bedtime on a Friday night.  Sabbath has begun at 8:30 PM, and I have posted my blog.  I am feeling tired and ready to go to sleep.  I know who is picking me up and will be prepared in the morning.  I am glad that DKF has a weekend to herself and will be returning Monday morning at her usual time at 7 AM.  Now, it is time for me to close the shop.  Good night and God bless and sleep well.

A New Day Has Begun

Here I am. I am waiting for DKF to arrive to help with my care. I am a little tired this morning and a little sore. I feel I have grudgingly got up at 6 AM for some reason. I am having one of those mornings but I will be okay. I had a workout yesterday with my arm muscles. I know I had muscles in the arms, but they do not have to hurt so bad that I had to take a pain pill for the first time in a year. I am glad I have some on hand in case I need them. It helped enough that the pain this morning is minimal at best.

Since a new day has begun, I can start over with whatever needs to be done, finished, and continue with my life’s schedule. I need to have days like that. Today is dialysis day, so my spring cleaning will wait until tomorrow — Fr8day. It works for me.

We had some rain yesterday and today the sun is shining. That sun is a plus. The weather has been nice, hot some days, and cooler other days. When it gets hot, it bothers me enough that I need to turn on my AC for a while to cool down my apartment.