A Need to Understand

One day my worker, a couple of weeks ago, was telling me that she was being yelled at because I had been bothering her other client about something she (her client) did not understand. I told her that is not the impression given when I texted her client. To provide a little understanding here before going on. Her client and I met at our worker’s wedding on February 17, 2018, and we exchanged numbers. I told my worker why I was doing my best to communicate with her client. My worker understood immediately. I was beginning to feel I cannot trust this client anymore from the story she was telling me, and I was hearing this client had a side of her that made me question the friendship I had with this client. She has been a Facebook “friend” for over a year now, but after I heard this story from my worker (who happens to be the client’s worker as well), I decided to re-evaluate the need to have her in my life.
I have decided to block this Facebook “friend” today. I did so without giving this person a warning that I was blocking her. My health and emotions need to remain in check daily. I don’t need the stress of other unhealthy emotions in my life when my feelings need to be evaluated daily themselves. I do not regret meeting this person over a year ago, nor do I wish I never met this person. I am an observer, and what I see, hear, and find uncomfortable can be scary sometimes. I have to do what I need to do. I will not stop praying for this person. I also blocked her phone number on my phone as well. I am not sorry about my actions. I did not do anything wrong. I have to protect my wellbeing and myself when necessary.

Getting Used to iOS

I am getting used to the idea of using iOS Pages, Keynote, and Numbers now.  With differences in the programs, I am going to be learning more about the three free programs.  I am getting used to the formatting and looking into learning more about the programs to get more use out of them.  The format in Pages is slightly different from Microsoft Word, but it is a format I will get used to relatively fast.  I prefer iOs over Windows and iPhone over Android.  Because I prefer iOS OS over Windows, it does not mean I do not dislike Bill Gates or love Steve Jobs more.  I believe both people have earned their success.  Yes, knowing that Steve Jobs has been gone for a while now, I do have to admit that he was successful in his way while Bill Gates, retired, is successful in his way as well.  I have used Windows in the past.