Jabbering Again

I feel I am falling behind in my journaling when, in reality, I am not falling behind at all. I can write in my diary anytime from anywhere and wherever I am. My journal – diary – is mine – all mine. I can share whatever I want and need to. That is what turned out for me today. Dialysis treatment and back home again. My day couldn’t be any better or worse. Worse? Nothing went wrong today – yet. Nothing is going to go wrong. My day is almost over as soon as I close this laptop up for the night. A new day will be a fresh start of another day once my eyes open again if God allows.

I have a routine that never waivers. Methods may change sometimes, but it never waivers. This coming weekend, there will be some changes that I have to muster up my strength to handle in God’s help along the way. DKG is having a weekend off. I am not her only client in IRIS. Other clients will not be seeing her Saturday or Sunday. She deserves. This weekend to relax. Why do I have a feeling that a particular client is not going to allow DKF to relax? It’s because this client has interrupted her free time with her husband before. I will not hear from her until Monday after tomorrow morning and will have to wait to hear about her weekend Monday morning when she returns to work. For now, with time spent writing this entry, it is time for me to get some sleep as 6 AM comes quickly. Good night and God bless. Tomorrow is going to be a good day – hopefully.


It has been a few days since I last wrote in my diary.  I haven’t had a lot to report actually.  Ever since May, I have been quarantined to my home, the dialysis center, and picking up groceries because of the Coronavirus.  Being socially distant is not a problem in my life.  I do not go on Facebook like I used to because it has become too political lately.  I, with a compromised immune system, wear a mask when I come and go from my apartment.  For those who do not wear masks, it’s a choice they make.  We have the right to choose what we do to keep ourselves healthy.  The virus is still spiking here in Wisconsin, and I am doing EVERYTHING I can to prevent myself getting sick.  I CHOOSE to wear a mask as well as HAVE TO wear a mask out in public.

My week did go better than I had hoped it would.  It was practically perfect!  I have to thank God for that, and I do praise him for a good week.  Now that my weekend has begun, I can concentrate on what needs to be done before DKF comes back Monday morning.  One of the things I have to do is work on my end table by my corner chair.  It is a little undesirable, and I have put it off for days now telling DKF I will get to it this weekend.  I saw DKF this morning but will not see here until Monday morning, July 13, 2020.  She had an errand to run with her daughter today, so her husband SF picked me up from dialysis this afternoon.

Now that my day is drawing to a close, I am going to get going and get back some time tomorrow – if I can.  I have no major plans.