Another Day Has Come

Another day has come. I have had my morning cares with DKF, and she will be back a little before 5 PM with her husband to make sure I am doing okay for the evening, and have a second bath before bed. I got up at 5 AM to the sound of my neighbor in the apartment above me between 4:30 and 4:45 AM and decided to lay in bed feeling a little annoyed. Bing Crosby, the Cat, determined to be with me for a little while, and his purring helped me get through my annoyance. I decided to get up and do some journaling this morning and making sure I am all caught up with everything at Dear Diary. Yes, my neighbor annoys (sometimes) me when he makes noise before 8 AM every morning. There are days, which are few; I do not hear my neighbor. He is my alarm clock.

Please Accept My Apology Thank You

Another day has come. Cares with DKF has been done at 7:00 AM. She will be back around 5 PM to see me for a few minutes. Still isolating myself and going to dialysis has not been a problem. I do my best with what means I do have to stay healthy. It has been a morning of Cold Case, Diagnosis Murder, and Magnum P. I., and Judge Judy today. I have not watched Dr. Phil the past few days because he is still updating us about COVID-19 or having a show playing an episode that has already aired. I am avoiding anything related to the virus because of my anxiety and watching TV programs on the Roku channel. Hulu and Netflix help relieve the tension that my body deals with regularly. Until the Coronavirus pandemic is over, I am going to keep myself safe.