It is Not An Ordinary Day Here Momentarily


Please forgive me for not posting since Tuesday. After dialysis, I was fatigued, and yesterday I had emotional ups and downs. I will be okay. Yesterday my worker, DKF’s husband, SF, came by to set up my Blu-Ray/DVD player, and after we were looking for the TV remote. The remote, not found, even after moving some furniture and putting it all back. It was one of those mornings. My emotional ups and downs made it a long day, making me feel tired after lunch. I did not feel like writing in my journal.

When DKF and SF left for the day, I had the urge to clean out my ottoman. The remote was not in there either. I did find two pizza boxes and some things I could indeed put in the trash. I got a garbage bag from the kitchen cleaning supplies cabinet and began placing what I didn’t need where it belonged. I then decided to open the desk drawers, see what could go, move to my ottoman, and keep. I also took what was under my desk and either trashed it or put it in the ottoman. I took a couple of pictures to send to DKF to show what I had done when she and SF left for the day. I had gotten a response back, telling me she was proud of me, and with what happened earlier may have encouraged me to keep going.

I wanted to show you the pictures, but I can’t at this time.


I have cares in a few minutes, then dialysis. Yep, it’s dialysis day. When I get back, I will do my best to write more. I hope everyone has a good day or the best day that today could bring.

Life Continues No Matter What

It has been a while since I have written in my diary. Time goes by most days seems to be getting faster on the good days and very slow on the not so good days. Today has been a reasonable day, although I have gotten a little restless around 2 PM this afternoon. I watched Diagnosis Murder from 10:30 AM to 2 PM, and then I decided to watch one hour of Magnum P. I. before I decided to go camp in my bedroom for the rest of the afternoon and evening before sundown. I have decided to take it easy and get some rest before going to bed. Writing in my diary/journal is the first time since May 4, 2020. It has been one of those months of comings and goings to the dialysis center and back home.

We are still in shutdown, shut-in mode in Rock County thanks to our Mayor. We still have closures of some restaurants, bars, and other places that do not qualify as essential. Some restaurants are open for delivery through some app or have curbside service. The number of people affected by or have died from the Coronavirus is still climbing instead of declining. Rock County is NOT ready to reopen hairstyling shops, manicure and pedicure shops, and allow non-essential employees back to work. Rock County is a sad place to be living right now. The only three things I can do right now are going to and from dialysis, ordering lunch and dinner in from essential places, and practicing social distancing. I can do also is order my groceries ahead of time and pick them up at a time that the grocery store has a time slot for me to fill. I have been socially distancing myself for the past two and a half years now, so I don’t see many people/other tenants anymore. I am not the type of person who likes to socialize like I once did a few years ago. Times have changed, and trust has been misplaced more than once. Even my social media sites have found me less sociable. Facebook has become more political these days.

I am not always in my political mind. Right now, I am feeling the pull and hatred of the Democratic party, the Republican party having their powerplays against one another. Politics has become, truthfully, a circus of some sort. I cannot turn on the news because people are upset with President Trump, Nancy Pelosi, and other governing officials. It has gotten pretty sad—it all about power and wealth in politics these days. UUGGHH

Now, I haven’t been working on this diary/journal since 3 PM. I have been doing other things that matter to me. I am just getting my thoughts to write, and that takes a little bit of time.