One of Those Days

One of the toughest projects for me to do at times is to sit down at my laptop to write. I did not get the chance to do this yesterday after getting back home from dialysis. I had the time and the need to do write, but I did not do it. Maybe I can make it up today. No, I cannot do that. It would not be fair. I can write about today, though. Okay, here I go.

Today I had an appointment with the foot doctor. My toenails on the left foot had gotten so long and grotesque that I had to get them cut. I trust my foot doctor to touch my feet at this point in my life. After my appointment, I went to the Dean eyeglass store to see if they would put my prescription on file and then left for home. DKF and I will return on another day to look at glasses.

I have been home a little after 10 AM watching TV, falling asleep, and now I am in my bedroom writing in my diary for the day after 5 PM CST. My day was not dull, and my evening here at home is going smoothly for most of my evening. I do not have any more to say. Maybe it is time for me to say adios for now.

A Good Day

Okay, I have to admit that today turned out to be a very good day.  For the first time in a while, I had an appointment in Madison for my eyes.  I missed my appointment in June by accident because what was happening from April to June took precedence to my eyes and I totally forgot about my eye appointment until I was told in a letter that I had missed.  As soon as I realized I missed my eye appointment, I called to reschedule and I could not get in until today with the plans to get in earlier with a will call.  The will call never happened so today was my day to get there.  My ride and I were a few minutes late but there is a fifteen-minute window for lateness and I was not that late, thankfully.  I do have to admit that my appointment went well.

I was a little worried that my eyes may have changed slightly, but according to my eye exam, they did not change enough for my doctor to have to change my eye prescription to something different.  I have been wearing the same prescription for 6 1/2 years now, and I have had the same glasses 6 1/2 years as well.  The glasses I use are my favorite glasses.  I can see 10pt or lower from a distance with one eye and 12pt with the other.  20/20 with the left and 20/40 with the right.  My eyes, once again, have not changed.

As for the rest of my day, I cannot argue.  I have been watching TV all afternoon and now, even though it is going on 6:30 PM, I am heading to bed for the night.  I can barely keep my eyes open anymore today.  I have brought my laptop into the bedroom and Bing Crosby the Cat wants some “mommy time” with me.  I am going to say good night and God bless.