Sep 282020

My heart is aching today. I had to say goodbye to Bing. Yes, goodbye, Bing. I had to put him down. He had diminishing kidneys and hyperthyroidism. He went from fourteen pounds to 6 lbs within the first part of the year. I did the right thing. I am without a cat right now, and my heart aches to the point that the quietness of the apartment is deafening. I hope he understands what I did for him and myself in the long run. I believe he will be in heaven when I get there. Bing is the second cat I had to put down because of age-related illnesses. My first cat, Emilee Marie Cuddles, lived 16 1/2 years before she was put down. She, too, had hyperthyroidism, as the doctor told me.  I thought she had cancer, but I believe Dr. W was telling me her thyroid nodules were enlarged.Bing was 15 years old.

He was adopted on December 18, 2006. His birth was in June 2005, and I did acknowledge his birthday in June, his gotcha day, and Christmas. I will miss him. A new cat is in the works.

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  1. I know how you feel I just lost my Marley last week I am so lonely without her it was just a sudden thing the last thing I expected , anyhow I know exactly how you feel it is so had losing a pet

  2. Oh dear! This is two DD pets that have been lost just lately. So sorry 🙁 I hope you find a new feline friend soon.


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