August 12, 2020

I am ready for bed. No worship tonight. It has gotten too late for the three of us, and TB texted me to let me know that they just got supper for the night at 7 PM. I didn’t mind the rest. I didn’t attend the prayer meeting on Zoom. I didn’t go to the prayer meeting because I couldn’t or didn’t want to; I didn’t go because I was tired, wanted to get a project done, and get some decent sleep the night before dialysis the next day. Please forgive me for not having an update on how dialysis went last week.

It will be done as soon as I can get to it. I have been busy with getting set up with a new counselor at Compass Behavior Health. I had been discharged from Genesis Counseling Services. I found out by making a phone call and learned that I was discharged. I asked about a letter, and they said that they are not obligated to write a letter to their clients; they do not have to write a letter to their clients. I can’t entirely agree with that and vowed I would not make referrals for Genesis Counseling.

Anyway, I found the right place last month by making one phone call. I had a list of three places to call after calling Mercy Behavioral Health, and the gal I spoke with gave me a couple of places to call. Compass Behavioral Health was first on the list. I got a counselor right away and have had my first session with her.

Time for me to say good night. Tomorrow is a dialysis day. I think I have a UTI, and I will get an order for a UA to see what my urine has to say.

August 12, 2020

Time has escaped me since I last wrote on August 7, 2020. I have been busy and have found writing in my diary, not a necessity for a while. I have dialysis three times a week at three hours and fifteen minutes per session. Dialysis wiped me out until yesterday. My fluid outtake needed to be adjusted, as well as my weekly goal weight. My BP would go so low that the machine was tailored accordingly to my needs. Dr. A understood my issue and took the time to rectify my needs.

Okay, I understand that we have choices to make in life and that we can change d there are tIt has affected me. I have to admit that it has affected me in a way where I have to wear a mask to and from the dialysis center in the building where I live. It is mandatory, and some tenants do not wear masks while out of their apartment. Well…I’ve seen tenants without masks while they are in the common areas of the building. I love it when people defy the rules of living in an apartment building.