Aug 072020

As my day ends, so does my journaling. Dialysis went smoothly. An update will be given on Saturday when I have time to write about the week. What happened to my computer’s desktop did not ruin my day.

My life did not stop abruptly when I noticed my desktop was empty. The anxiousness didn’t last very long, either. My life did not end. I am still here – fully intact and feeling stable, tired, and wiped out from dialysis this evening. Tomorrow will be here soon enough. I am about ready for bed, but I wanted to write one more entry before closing up shop for the night.

I think an observation made, the manager finally got through to my neighbor about his noise above me between 5 AM – 8 AM. With our building, the walls are thin, and we can hear what is going on in apartments all around. I have not her Angus or my neighbor before 7 AM during the past couple of days. Did he get the message? Was he warned for the last time? It has been quieter – much quieter than usual. Is he home? I have to let management know. I have a lightbulb that needs to be replaced because the one I have now just burned out.

Aug 072020

I have had a good day of relaxing.  I had to lay down for a while.  Today was Unsolved Mystery marathon day with Robert Stack.  DKF works from 7 AM to 8:15 AM because another client needs extra help, so she came from 2:30 PM to 5 PM to work for me when usually Fridays she is not here in the evening.  It was a quiet day.  The neighbor above me has been very quiet.  I know he’s home because I hear the dog walking around.  I believe that the manager told him to be silent in the morning between 5 AM and 8 AM because tenants are still trying to sleep. 

Dialysis can wipe me out sometimes, and with the walls being thin here, noises carry very well in the building.  When this building was built, the people who had this building made did not think about the idea of noise.  This building was built in 1986.  I’ve complained three times to the manager about the noise — describing what it sounds like — elephants running above my head about ready to come into my apartment below.  I need my sleep.