Aug 012020

I cannot believe how fast my day went today. Since I cannot do anything except go to dialysis three times a week and go pick up groceries, I do not make plans. That is where Dear Diary helps me most days when I write in my diary.

Today, while dialyzing, I was able to attend church on Zoom with other church members who have yet not physically participated in church. I am glad that dialysis went smoothly for me today because I do not like missing church.

The pastor of my church has come up with a way to have worship with church members. The attendees and I learned that the churches in my pastor’s district – Monroe, Janesville, and Beloit, Wisconsin – will see about internet access to use Zoom for those who cannot get to church physically will be able to attend. That is exciting news. I love the idea, and we will be praying about it.

Once again, I have made it easier for myself to write in my diary/journal. I always change things up a bit each month or every once in a while to be different. With that said, I have to admit that I hope I am not dull. Now I will close the shop for the night and watch The Twilight Saga on the Roku channel. Good night and God bless. Sunday will be here soon enough.

Aug 012020

As I sit here and wait for time to pass to head to the clinic for treatment, I want to admit that I am happy the weekend is finally here. I will have an update later today on my therapy for July 26 – August 1, 2020, when I get back home and rested. Dialysis has been wiping me out these days. I have no major plans this weekend. Maybe I will do some drawing and painting. My mom got me a set of paints — 70-piece set from Hobby Lobby. All watercolor paints in a tube, watercolor paints, and watercolor pencils with a pencil sharpener and eraser. It’s right up my alley.

Dressed and ready to go for my last treatment of the week. I will write more later when time allows me to do so. I hope everyone has a great day.