Jul 292020

I have been using both laptops – MacBook Pro/MacBook Air these days. Both laptops work wonderfully at this time.

It is Wednesday, and today I have been watching Unsolved Mysteries. Remember Robert Stack? He’s the one who hosted Unsolved Mysteries for twelve years. I am watching season two now. When the news and politics are brewing about the virus or the best candidate against President Donald Trump, there is nothing else to watch on TV. The Coronavirus is still affecting people all over the world in some way, shape, or form. Stores are mandating wearing masks now, and there are people out there who will not abide by the rules. It is disturbing and sad.

I wanted to go to the prayer meeting on Zoom, but I was too tired. I decided to stay offline for a while. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to go; I was exhausted after taking some allergy medication – Benadryl. I am going to find it hard to sleep tonight – again. This summer weather is a rough one. Summer and winter months are tough on me, and I do my best to bear it when it gets rough.

I cannot believe that July is almost over now. Two more days after today and August will be performing his acts on stage. I will not argue how July went. I have had my ups and downs emotionally. I do have to admit that I have more ups than downs this month. Tomorrow is a dialysis day. I have to go.

Time for me to say good night and God bless. The Benadryl is kicking in. I am closing up shop for the rest of the day and night.

Jul 272020

I feel I have not written in my diary for a very long time, even though I wrote yesterday.  I always have something to say also if it is concise or hello to let others know that I am here – still – but quiet.  I have decided to pull out my MacBook Air laptop to charge the battery and use the Word program there.  Microsoft has come a long way in upgrading their software.  On my MacBook Pro, the version is different in looks to the Word software on my MacBook Air.  I have been spoiled with the newest version.  It is taken a little bit of time to look for what I want to do to make my document(s) to work for me.  It is a nice change and challenge – a challenge worth taking without stress and anxiety.

Today, Monday, June 27, 2020, I am feeling pretty good after having a good day of rest yesterday.  I got up at 6 AM at the sound of my alarm, did my devotionals for the day, and found another devotional titled Put On the Whole Armor of God.  It is a three-day devotion worth doing.  While on my MacBook Air, I found Bible verses I have copied to a Word document.  The NIV (New International Version) verses are Ephesians 6:10-20.  I need to put these verses somewhere special to remember them.  Hopefully, it will be found on my MacBook Pro laptop later today.  I have to wait and see.

I have no significant plans today or this week.  I have dialysis on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, but no plans are in the works.  The Coronavirus has stopped me from making any plans outside going to and from dialysis and picking up groceries.  I am getting used to it, but sometimes I get frustrated because the routine is the same, and I have not been able to get my hair shaped nicely or get a manicure since March.  In Wisconsin (Rock County), the numbers of people testing positive for the virus died from the infection or have the virus still climbs.  It is sad.