Another Busy Day Spring Cleaning

Today has been a busy day here at home. For the past several days, I have been spring cleaning. Getting rid of stuff I don’t need anymore for a future rummage sale, put in the trash can, or put in a bin to be put away. Today, with DKF’s help, I have another closet taken care of. It feels terrific to have some life back in my place and personal life. DKF is a wonderful organizer. I think I’ve made some accomplishments in organizing my home even though it’s an apartment. I have plenty of space, but I need to make my place livable and safe from hazards. I cannot afford to have trip hazards these days.

I have so much to say right now, even though it will be 10 PM here in about fifteen minutes. Wednesday nights I am up later because of the prayer meeting on Zoom. I am glad that I didn’t miss it. I dislike missing prayer meetings and church. We will be having Zoom meetings until the end of June. The church buildings will reopen in July. I will not be able to go to church on Sabbath when it opens because I will be at dialysis. I will have to have worship other ways at home when church resumes again.

Today was a great day as far as organizing my apartment closet behind the bathroom door. It feels excellent spring cleaning. I got a lot done, and for the first time in a year, I had to take tramadol for pain. Now I can say it’s time to go for the night and get some sleep. Good night and God bless everyone this night/day. God is good all the time/all the time; God is good. Can I get an AMEN? Amen!

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  1. yetzirah says:

    It’s so funny how cleaning and organizing a cupboard or closet that has a door on it and we don’t even have to LOOK at the stuff in it most of the time… can make us feel so good! It’s knowing that you don’t have to DREAD looking into it now that is such a nice feeling. Good for you!

    • ksmiley says:

      It is nice to have clean closets even if I do not look in them too often. My closets do not have doors on them anymore and haven’t for years because they (the doors) kept falling off the track. I cannot wait to be finished with spring cleaning, but it is NICE to get rid of stuff I do not need anymore. It had been a grueling project at the beginning, but once we got started, it is not so bad and a little fun.

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