June 24, 2020

Church Resumes

As we reach Wednesday evening here in Wisconsin, the sun has set for the night, and the bed is looming. I went to the prayer meeting on Zoom tonight at 7 PM. We have one more church service and prayer meeting left using Zoom because the first weekend of July, my church reopens with precautions. I will be doing dialysis Saturday mornings, so I will not be attending church services. I will continue to worship with my boyfriend KB and his Mom TB when I get home after treatment. I will miss worship on Zoom, but it is time to get back to normal in a safe way until further notice. I do not have medical clearance from my doctor to get back to getting my nails and hair polished up. As far as routine goes, these days, what’s happening today/right now, is our new normal. The Coronavirus is still rampant in parts of the United States. I’d rather play it safe until further notice anyway.

Just A Little Jabber

With this week, a new week, we are halfway through another week in 2020. Wherever/Whenever’ hump day’ came into play, I can understand the meaning behind this new phrase, LOL. Clever phrase. Anyway, after the Wednesday night prayer meeting, I can get some of my thoughts written/shared before going to sleep for the night. I have dialysis in the morning. Anyway, in bed, I have a little time to write. I think I am repeating myself in a way by saying the same thing in a different message. Grammarly always lets me know when there are similar sentences in my paragraphs. Grammarly is beneficial. I am writing while listening to HMM’s 8 PM movie Emma Fielding Mystery: More Bitter Than Death. It stars Courtney Thorne Smith as Professor Emma Fielding. I have been going to bed by 8 PM each night watching a movie where I fall asleep. Tonight I have my iWatch charging for the night, so I have to set my alarm for 6 AM on my iPad. I like to get up at 6 AM every weekday morning to have time with God, Bing Crosby, and time for myself because from 7 AM to 1 PM, I am with other people.

More Tomorrow

Tomorrow, when I have time, I will share about last week.

Good night everyone.

June 23, 2020

I have used Pages on the iPad to write an entry this morning while at dialysis. The entry is not here.

I have a lot to say, but little time to go into great detail. It is getting late, and I am getting into a love story – a movie – for the first time in a long time. It is on HMM, and the title of the film is “Love Locks.” The story is about a girlfriend/boyfriend in Paris, and the girl goes back to the states – New York – to finish what she was doing. She was taking art classes with a known artist in Paris, and now the girl was going to be the owner of an art magazine.

The story is based on falling in love in Paris, and the bridges over there have locks on them. As the years went by, the girl was hoping to have her love interest follow her to New York, but he didn’t do it. She found love, and they had a daughter, and the couple was divorced.

The daughter, following her mother’s young ambitions as an artist, was going to be spending some time in Paris. She and her mother went to Paris, and the mother realized that her young love now owned the hotel she and her daughter were there. Her daughter fell in love with a boy. Her daughter was going to art school and was taught by the same artist her Mom learned. When the mother went back to New York, selling her magazine to someone, she left the magazine to pursue her love of painting again. Her Paris interest went to New York to let his love interest know he loved her and always did. They are back in Paris at the bridge they were at so long ago with locks. They did the same thing they did years ago.

Letting the lock fall in the water, and they kissed until the credits of the movie appeared.

I am usually not a romance novel reader or watch a romantic movie. I did last night because I do like Jerry O’Connell as an actor, and I have ever since been a young girl – a younger woman. He has grown older gracefully, and I had forgotten that he is four years younger than me. When I saw him in “Love Locks,” he looked different but sounded the same. I didn’t recognize him until I heard his voice and saw him portraying his older self. One movie I liked a lot. I cannot say I loved it because I am not a romance movie watcher. Watching Christmas movies every Thursday night is not happening, either.