A New Day

Today is March 6, 2020. It is going to be 6:30 AM here in a few minutes, and I have been up since a little after 5 AM spending time with Bing Crosby the Cat. My IRIS worker will be here around 7 AM, and I find time to write before she gets here a great time to start my diary. Although I have other blogs here at Dear Diary, I enjoy having my public journal here as well. Being a Dear Diary member for years now, I have not found a better place to write my thoughts, feelings, and happenings. Dear Diary is the best place to be in my book of life. So why not start my day with an entry before I get my cares for the day? A perfect time.

Now, I know I am not always up before 6 AM, but today I am. Good morning from Wisconsin.

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    • ksmiley says:

      I believe in the early 2000s about 2004 when I ran across DD online when Steve had a partner, and it was the old version now remembered as deardiary.org. I love the newer version, and the updates Steve has made here.

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