One Last Thought of the Day

Okay, there are times when I need to write more than I have done so in the past, and today is one of those days. With January 2020 ends its grand month, it is now time for it to take a bow, and allow February to make a grand entrance. How did your first month of 2020 go for you? I will not argue how the month went. Yes, once again, having a rough last week of January, my world still moved forward at a slower pace to get through with some dignity still and whatever power I had to get through the rough patches I faced. Dialysis goes smoothly when I am not all keyed up, anxious, or moving my neck so that the catheter doesn’t work well and the machine beeps a warning that needs attention from a dialysis technician or nurse. With the rough patch no behind me, it does not mean I will forget what and why it happened. I am an observer and I do not forget things easily. Now with January bowing out for the 2020 year, I am ready for February 2020. I will take it one day at a time from now on.

Saying Good Night

Good evening with bed looming close, I wanted to say good night. The weekend has begun and I am doing a couple of things before heading to bed for the night. I have dialysis in the morning for three hours and fifteen minutes so staying up until midnight watching television like I did last night does not happen when I have a necessary appointment at the dialysis center. I just wanted to make some noise tonight in words more so than shouting at the top of the rooftop kind of noise. It has been a relaxing day, and I did get what I wanted to do here my Dear Diary pages. I hope everyone has a good weekend.