My Two Weekends

My Normal Weekend

 Ever since May of this year (2019), I have considered my life has two weekends. Let me explain why. When the sun sets Friday night, it begins until Sunday night at sunset. Also, since I do not have IRIS services until 4 PM Saturdays and Sundays with MC, I love the idea of sleeping in on Sundays if my body allows. Sleeping in is not easy for me because I have gotten used to the idea of getting up by 7 AM each morning during the week to have IRIS services with my favorite worker DKF Monday through Saturday morning.

 I am also a Seventh-day Adventist. Adventists go to church on Saturday mornings at 9:30 PM – 2 PM (most Saturdays) because where I attend church, we have Sabbath School, worship service, potluck, and prayer corner. Once a month, there is poetry time after prayer corner. I do have to admit that because I have dialysis Saturday morning from 9:15 to 12:30 PM, I am not able to attend church services physically since May. I have asked my friend JM about having a worship service with me at home Saturday after I got home from dialysis. She said she would think about it and get back to me. I did not hear from her, so I asked my boyfriend KB’s Mom TB about having worship with me, and she will look into it. The next thing I knew, one Saturday afternoon after church and I was home from dialysis, KB and TB showed up surprising me. That is how I found that I was going to have worship at home on Saturday after dialysis when TB was not on call for work over the weekend.

My Dialysis Weekend

  Once dialysis is over Saturday afternoon by 12:30 PM. I do not have to be at the clinic until Tuesday at 9 AM. I consider this another weekend. I enjoy worship with KB and TB Saturday afternoon, and then I have MC, my IRIS worker, so that DKF can have the weekend with her husband SF. DKF likes to have time with her husband and go to church on Sunday.

 Sundays, whenever possible, and my body allows, I like to relax longer in bed before getting up to take my morning medication. MC doesn’t come until 4 PM, so I take advantage of the day with myself with no worries of bothering anyone in particular.

 When Sunday goes, my dialysis weekend ends at sundown/sunset Monday night.

Waiting For My Date

With this is my first entry of the day and at 8:30 AM – 9:15 AM, I am sitting here waiting patiently for my boyfriend to get done delivering papers in Beloit, Wisconsin, so that we can have lunch somewhere with his Mom. KB (boyfriend), TB (boyfriend’s Mom), and I go out to lunch once a month and once in a while twice a month. Also, KB and TB come over Saturday afternoons after church when she is not on call at work to do some worship with me since I do dialysis on Saturday at 9:15 – 12:45 AM, and the church hours are from 9:30 AM – 2 PM most weeks. I do not get to church now. When I first started dialysis, I did not like the idea that I was missing church, but I have found a way to have church at home with friends/family at home, thanks to KB and TB. Having KB as a boyfriend is fantastic.