Christmas Celebration

I am not going to say that I had a wonderful Christmas with my parents today. Yes, we had our Christmas today because of our schedules being what they are. For dinner, we had Swiss steak, mashed potatoes, and steamed corn. We did not have dessert this time, which was fine with me. My dad’s wife makes good Swiss steak while dad makes good mashed potatoes he says were Grandma Fox’s recipe. Everything was delicious, and I love my dad’s wife’s Swiss steak recipe. The meat for this recipe tasted better than before when I have had Swiss steak two times before with them here for our holiday dinners. It is incredible how meat can make a difference in a meal. This time, Christmas 2019, the beef was fantastic and delicious, easy to chew, and tasty. My parents agreed that the meat was better this time around. WTG, Sans.

When it came to presenting the present and card they brought, I already knew what I had received. I always get some money during the holiday and my birthday, so that is never a surprise anymore. I have told my parents what I wanted/needed for a gift idea, and I got what I had asked for… socks. Three wonderful pairs of women knee socks so I can be comfortable wearing my brace and shoes while I go to dialysis three times a week, walking, and out and about. I also received $60.

My Day Today

Another weekend is about to end. It is almost 10:30 PM Sunday here in Wisconsin, and sundown was around 4:30 PM this afternoon. I am taking the time to write in my diary doing up some journaling before retiring to bed for the night. I will be going to bed soon. Bing is asleep on one of my living room chairs. I am out in the living room where I have been sitting for the past several hours of my day watching Degrassi: The Next Generation on the ROKU channel. I rarely watch TV on my Spectrum app on Sundays anymore although I did watch two Dr; Phil shows and two Super Soul Sundays with Oprah Winfrey on OWN this morning before Degrassi: The Next Generation. Now that bed is looming close, I will be back tomorrow for a while before my AR parents come for our Christmas.