A Successful Treatment Today

Dialysis has become routine for me.  I am used to having 3 ½ hours of my mornings on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturdays being hooked up to a machine that cleans my blood.  I have been sitting in the same chair for several weeks now since May 7th except for three different times.  I love my little corner.  I do not have anything to complain about dialysis anymore.  It took me a while to get it through my thick skull that what happens to the catheter is not my fault.  Now that I take things as they come better, I allow the technicians to do their job as they know what to do when the machine beeps.  The screen shows them what it is going on, fix the situation and walk away, and go on their way to other patients or input something in their computers.  Today my treatment was successful.  The machine beeped a few times, the arterial and venous lines were reversed (I will explain about that another time)  on my catheter, but dialysis was successful.  I got out of the clinic by 1 PM today.

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