A Good Day

I was able to come home with a cheerful heart after dialysis today.  Yes, it was a successful treatment even though the machine’s alarm went off a few times.  I can have my dialysis weekend now.  In case some do not understand my thinking, I have two weekends now.  One starts on Friday at sundown to Saturday sundown, and that is what I call Sabbath, and Friday to Sunday is a weekend.  Then, Saturday after dialysis begins my dialysis weekend from Saturday afternoon to Monday night when I retire to bed for the night.  I consider having two weekends now that I have dialysis on Saturday until further notice.

            Ok, I do not have nothing against dialysis treatment when it is necessary.  I do have to admit that when it cuts into my Sabbath and going to church, I had trouble with it for several weeks.  I have since I began dialysis, met two people who were/are Seventh-day Adventists like me.  That has relieved my feelings about missing church Saturday mornings.  I have come up with an idea and threw out my plan with JM, my boyfriend KB, and his mom, TB, and my view (if that is what Grammarly wants to call it, lol) was taken seriously.  Now, when TB is not on call on the weekends, she and KB come over to my home Sabbath afternoon after church to have worship with me. The three of us go through the quarterly together with prayer and answering questions from the quarterly after reading.  It is rewarding, as well as exciting and fun.

            Today was a day of relaxation.  KB and TB did not make it because she was not feeling very good and what she had she did not want to pass it on to me.  This is the time of year that is considered flu and cold season, and I have had my flu shot taken care of at the end of September right at the dialysis center.  I have decided to take advantage of my day and catch up on some marathon programming on 3ABN (3 Angels Broadcasting Network) and wait for MC to show up to work.

The Day I Will Be Speaking to My Doctor

            It has become the day I will be speaking to Dr. A about my concerns about dialysis and what Dr. A can do to help get rid of that frustration.  Dialysis has become one of those frustrations once again.  My blood gets thick and then it clots the machine and then my catheter will clot.  The techs are there to help so it does not happen.  I am doing nothing to the catheter to prevent it from working properly because it is not me.  It is my blood.  I am sitting here this morning before I go to dialysis to write this entry because I need to vent in my way the best I can without using words of choice when I get upset.  Choice words out of anger is not me but the devil speaking more so than me.  When I get frustrated, I get anxious, scared, and ask tons of questions whether it pertains to the machine I am using or is it me.  More details later.