Dear Diary

I cannot get into  It is okay, though.  I love what SB has done  I am happy with the site with its new look and what you can do with color in the background or with the text, and the time can stay at 7 am or 7 pm instead of service time at 7 am or 18:00. NICE!  I can match my mood now if I want to, and I can record my time as necessary.  Yahoo! There is room for improvements on the internet wherever you go.  I am okay with the changes made.  I believe they were some good improvements.

When it comes to time, I do not mind having military time or not. Amazfit does use time at 3 pm. It says 15:00. With my dad and brother, they were in the Army and military. I have grown up being told to be home at 5 pm for supper, and I learned military time in my early twenties because I wanted to learn.

No Dialysis Today

Dialysis had a small hiccup today.  It was not in my plans.  I could not make it in after 9 am when I had gotten the call from the clinic to wait until they took care of the water situation they had.  So I did not have dialysis today for the first time. I am disappointed even though the clinic can not help what happens there sometimes with their machines, water tanks, or products not working correctly. It means that I have to have extra fluid taken out of me on Tuesday.