Unexpected Incident II

When Tuesday came, I was feeling pretty good until a dialysis tech’s tone of voice scared me.  I will have to say something to the tech tomorrow when I return to dialysis. Then, when I come home and later in the afternoon I get a text from AR that she is resigning her position with IRIS effective immediately I was hurt deeply and could not say anything immediately and I had my reasons not to say anything.  I was hurting inside as my heart ached.  I felt betrayed by two people.  I actually felt more betrayed by AR more than the dialysis tech.  I have learned who my true friends are a long time ago and I feel that AR was not a true friend.  I decided to look her up on Facebook to unfriend her, but when I looked her up, I found that I was no longer friends with her already so I decided to block her.  My relationship with her was over entirely,  All I can do now for her is pray for her.