Entry 2 – Good Afternoon

Good afternoon from Wisconsin.  My appointment with the doctor went well.   I did not see Dr. S because he was in surgery this morning, so I saw a PA in his place.  The PA (physician’s assistant)told me that they plan on putting a fistula in the right arm in the same place it was placed in my left arm in 2016 but it had quit working within ten months.  The information will be sent to the dialysis center about the placement so they know where it will be placed.  The procedure is taking place on July 12, 2016.   DKF has left for the day around 11:15 AM to get to her next client by 11:30 AM.  I have watched Matlock and now I am watching Monk.  Bing is taking a catnap in a chair while I am writing in my diary.  I be shutting the TV off shortly to get some things done.

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