Real Time 3

            AR is here.  I will be heading out soon to the dialysis center. Bathed and dressed for the day, brace and shoes on, and AR is taking care of last-minute bed making, cleaning the bathroom, and making sure Bing is all set for the rest of the morning.  Bing knows it is Sabbath and he always gets some cat treats.  He is a good cat most of the time even though once in a while he gets into his cat mode shenanigans from time to time.  To me Bing Crosby the Cat is not just a cat to me.  Time for me to go once again.  I will try to write more later when I can.  TTFN

Real Time 2

Okay friends and readers of DD. It is now Saturday/Sabbath morning. I had gotten up at 6 AM to listen to some music, and AR (IRIS hired worker)will be here by 8 AM to help with personal cares, make sure I am dressed for the day, and then before 9 AM, I will be heading to the dialysis center for my last treatment of the week before my dialysis weekend begins.  I am glad I have my curtains closed because tenants are outside enjoying the fresh air of a new day.  Although I can hear their conversation to some extent because my windows are open, I am sitting in my apartme nt feeling safe and not as if I am being attacked. Some tenants are not kind about some of us in here now-a-days.  Gossip and rumors fly around here so fast like high school, and that is absolutely ridiculous and true.  Some folks have nothing better to do sometimes in a small community like Burbank Plaza.  Some of the tenants who live here ARE the reason why I do not venture out too far from my comfort zone although I have done it many times in the past years I have lived here.  I have become more private now since I have begun outpatient dialysis.  Is the smoking destination going to be moved in the future?  I have no idea and neither does KR who is our onsite manager.  Time for me to go for now and I will be back when I can.