Afternoon & LUNCH

With personal cares out of the way, dressed for the day, DFK has been gone since 815 AM, I am definitely looking forward to getting lunch at a place called Kealy’s Café – a small restaurant in the Mercy Mall plaza by the pharmacy where I get my medications once a month.  I am dressed for the weather today in a nice sundress I have had for a few years now. With dialysis every three days, I am losing fluid weight off and on.  Today is not going to be a boring day, but I do have to admit that waiting is hard to do sometimes.  Bing is napping in his favorite bed in the living room.  He had awakened meowing as if from a dream or he just wanted to hear my voice.  He had quieted down within seconds and went back to sleep.  I am glad he is okay now.  Bing is one of my pride and joys in life.  Ever since I have been home from the hospital, he has been a wonderful nurse in the feline variety.  He has been such a good cat.

Waiting was somewhat difficult, but at 11:30 AM I was picked up.  We (DKF and I) went to Kealy’s Café for lunch.  She had baked cod with salad and cottage cheese while I had a cod sandwich with mashed potatoes, and some cottage cheese.  It was filling.  After lunch she dropped me off at home and ran an errand before her next client.  I was so glad to get out at lunch for a while and away from the building.  Living at Burbank Plaza is nice, but I would rather keep to myself.

Good Morning

Good morning dear friends and readers of Dear Diary.  I cannot believe that May is on its way out and June starts tomorrow.  Summer is on its way although I think that the weather has other plans for Wisconsin right now.  It has been rainy and wet lately and yesterday was a beautiful day with 81 degrees in the afternoon.  Today is not just a day for me.  I have plans for lunch today with DKF.   I am looking forward to it because another client has changed her plans and I get a little time out once again today for a little while. Today is a dialysis-free day. I will go back tomorrow morning for 3 ½ hours.   The weather looks a little threatening of rain.  Maybe it is my imagination to some degree, but the weathermen on channel 27 news states that storms are heading our way this weekend.  May God protect our apartment building and the neighborhood if severe storms do come our way.  Before DKF comes back, I want to get some journaling done as well as other writing. I hope everyone has the best day possible.