Staying Home Today

Despite my afflictions of attending church today, I decided to stay home because it was going to be a very long day at Woodland Community Church, and I just wanted to lay low and be comfortable.  Getting home around 3 PM would be a very long day for me. Why not spend the Sabbath here at home? I have an appointment on April 3 with Dr. A at 9:30 AM so I will find out what is going on and what is my doctor’s plan.  I am doing everything the doctor is telling me to do the best I can and that is all I can do for now.  No worries. I am just wondering.  So much has happened in the past few weeks – since January 15, and my kidney has had a great one.  My doctor, Dr. A, told me that I am doing great and my kidney has done a great job.

I know it is not the end of the month of March until tomorrow, but this is my last entry of the month.  April will be begin soon enough.

Words Are Hard to Find Tonight

I have been meaning to write in my diary more tonight, but Sabbath has arrived,, and I am getting tired. I am not going to church in the morning because my fee are swollen from my declining kidney health. This is the first time I have sat on my bed while on my computer in a long time, but I have to elevate my feet and legs to relieve some of the swelling. I have something that I want to share, but the time is getting late and bed indeed on the docket here in a few minutes. I will do my best at taking time to write tomorrow.