Back to Church After Three Weeks

It seems that February 1 has finally arrived. Gone is January 2019 until 2020 now. It has been amazing so far.  I am glad that the polar vortex/arctic cold temperatures have left for the time being.  I am looking forward to getting to church tomorrow to our district meeting — Beloit, Janesville, and Delavan SDA churches are meeting at the Janesville church. We do this every quarter, which is a three-month period through the year.  We are studying the Book of Revelation in Sabbath School and whatever the Pastor or leader has for a sermon.  Because it is our district meeting the pastor will be there tomorrow and I love his sermons very much.

Since it happens to be going on 8 PM here in Wisconsin, I am going to sign off for the night and continue onward to my diary writing tomorrow when I get home from church.  Good night dear DDfriends and readers.  God bless and have a safe night/day wherever you are in the world.

My First Day of February

The first day of February and the weather has indeed warmed up to above zero once again.  The arctic temps have gone away for a while now.  Winter has finally arrived – January 22.  Strange as it may be, I was surprised to find some businesses in Janesville were even open during the arctic cold.  Yes,  I ordered out yesterday and today for lunch and tonight’s supper.

It was a day of Diagnosis Murder, Matlock, Perry Mason, and Dr. Phil, and the 5 o’clock news today.  I also played games on my iPhone, read, and snuggled up with Bing Crosby the Cat while sitting in my favorite corner chair under my electric blanket.  Now at 7:40 PM I need to think about closing up shop and going to bed.  I am getting tired.  I have broken a rule I have had the past couple of nights to write in my diary before going to bed, and that rule needs to be reinforced once again starting tomorrow. I just wanted to catch up in my journal writing before going to sleep.  I am going to say good night now.  Good night.