A Day of Errands

Today was a day of getting out this morning. Picked up groceries at Wal-Mart, go have breakfast at IHOP, go to the bank to deposit the check I had gotten from my parents for Christmas and get quarters for .

As I was out with DKF the temperature of the weather seemed to get a little colder because of the wind.  Getting home was indeed on thing I wanted to do as all my errands were done for the day by 10 AM or so.  I have a fairly busy weekend coming up.

For the rest of my day, after DKF for the day at 12 noon, I watched my favorite shows on TV which is not much on a Friday afternoon.  I watch judge shows, Dr. Phil, and an occasional Ellen.  Today I watched Judge Faith, Judge Hatchett, Judge Joe Brown, and Dr. Phil today.  I do not really have a routine these days since Thanksgiving.  I have been pretty lazy although I have had company on December 18, had cares every day of the week for so many hours.

I am so glad the weekend is now here.  I have church in the morning.  At church, before Sabbath School class, we have song service, a reading, and then the mission story.  I have the mission story tomorrow.

Christmas With My Parents From AR

Christmas with my parents went just fine.  No talk about my weight, my home, or the smell of cat. Hmm?  It was a pleasant morning and early afternoon with my parents from AR today.  We had our Christmas.  I heard the story about my ottoman they had bought for me in September for Christmas not having legs added to the package, so I got to pick out an ottoman online from Target as a gift from my parents and I shall be getting it December 27.  This is the ottoman I will be getting https://www.target.com/p/shelton-tufted-top-storage-ottoman-threshold-153/-/A-15678552?preselect=16594074#.  I also looked at another ottoman, but I did not like the way the legs looked. https://www.target.com/p/lemoor-mid-century-ottoman-with-storage-project-62-153/-/A-52385042?preselect=52642784#.  So, as far as Christmas gifts are concerned, I have to wait for the ottoman.  That is okay.  It is yet the Christmas season.  I also got $50 to spend.  I have plans for the money, but until then, the money is going into my savings account and $10 is going to towards laundry next week.  It was a fair day with my parents.  We watched last years A Christmas Prince Netflix.  For dinner we had round steak/Salisbury steak, green bean casserole, and sour cream mashed potatoes.  My sister KLK did not make it, but she made some cookies for me.