My Last Thought of the Day

When I have company over, whether it is my IRIS hired worker(s), friends, neighbors, or a drop in, I find it very hard to be on my computer.  Why?  I do not want others to see or know what I am doing as much as possible even though I do trust my IRIS hired worker(s). When I take the time to write, I need space, time, and some decent quietness to gather my thoughts and put them in order to write my thoughts and experiences before it gets to late in the day that I cannot write.  I go to bed early to rise early every day, so I can take time for myself to do what I enjoy doing before anyone comes over.  Today, for a little while DKF’s grandson DM was here playing his games on his grandma’s phone before DKF’s husband came to pick DM up for the rest of the day.  This is DKF’s weekend not to work so she some of her grandchildren over for the weekend. I will have MC Saturday and Sunday every weekend now that AR is no longer working for me.  I am glad to have some time to write and get my thoughts in order now that I have taken a short nap in my favorite corner chair while trying to watch People’s Court and Dr. Phil.  I did watch the 5 and 5:30 PM news this evening before heading to my room to finish writing in my diary for the day.  I now have 13 full pages and part of 14 pages of diary entries written now.

Tenants Do What They Do

For the longest time, without feeling or being a gossip here, I have been wanting to talk about the tenants  who live here.  In order to do that and not be a gossip, I will speak about the tenants in general. No names or initials will be used in this little excerpt or whatever this may be called.  Anyway, as far as the tenants go, I rarely see any of them unless I see them in passing as I am leaving the building to go to the store, out to eat, or going to church, and every now and then I do see and say hello to a specific tenant in the community room as I pass.  I just do not go out of my way to visit anyone in particular anymore.  I cannot do that.  I live on the first floor and my living room and bedroom windows face the parking lot and backyard of our building and tenants with dogs go out the back door to take their dogs to the designated area for doing their business.  Also tenants who smoke have a sitting area out back in a nice little area on the parking lot.  It amazes me that so many tenants with underlying health problems smoke so much in one day. I know it is not my body and I do not smoke myself.  Why should I worry about others who smoke?  I shouldn’t worry to the point it breaks my heart and upsets me, right?  Right.  I just need to pray to God for them.  I rarely have my windows open because I do not want to hear conversations from the sitting area as some of the tenants’ gossip about certain tenants.  Of all the years (20)I have lived here, I have been one of the tenants who have been gossiped about for some reason or another.  That is what you get with a small community like Burbank Plaza Apartment Complex.  At one time, when the gossiping and the rumors were so bad, I thought the building had two eyes, a nose, and one large mouth. I do not think that anymore, though. Some tenants are not nice.  I avoid them when I can, but most of the nasty ones are no longer here anymore.  They have either moved out or have passed away.