My Observation Story

Unfortunately I have decided not to talk about any discomfort about my observation skills. I have never considered my observation skills a curse even though it does make uncomfortable at times, even a little curious what is happening around me at certain times of my life, whether it is about me or not. With that said, I do admit that I have observed and heard a lot of things that have involved me without me being involved in a sense, and that is pretty scary when living in an apartment complex that is considered a community in itself. Every day, on good and sunny days that is, I see tenants outside in the designated smoking section of our parking lot alone or with other tenants doing the same thing. I rarely had my windows opened the summer because of the heat and hard rains we have had, but I did hear chatter and conversation, it made me feel ill and very uncomfortable to listen about this or that tenant. Tenants around here can be sweet to your face, but once your back is turned, everyone wants to know your business one way or another. A sad situation for most people these days. Sitting among other tenants these days is something I dare not do. Last month, while getting rid of some items in my apartment in order to get new items, tenants wanted to know if I was moving out or assumed I was moving out. I have been keeping to myself, and what I do see coming and going from the back parking lot of the building I live in. This is why my stories of being observant can be very uncomfortable for me. It bothers me to no end when people want to know my business and then be rude enough to be unkind about it all behind my back.

The Beginning of My Observation Story

I have so much to write about but I will be leaving for church in a few minutes. Remember yesterday when I said I had a good day and had nothing to complain about? I still do not have anything to complain about. With me being an observer, I wish that my observation mode can turn off at will and knowing I cannot do that so I do my best at observing when it is the right time. Observing at the right time is not easy, either. Being an observer is very hard to do. I would love to tell you when observing is the hardest for me. My ride to church will be here in a few minutes and I have to get my church bag ready to go as well. When I get home from church, I will be writing about how it can be hard to be an observer. Please have a good morning and God bless.