Sep 282018

I am praising God for two good reasons – actually three reasons.  Bing Crosby the Cat is healed from his injury, my kidney is still holding its own as far as it is being diseased.  I will not argue God’s plan for me nor will I think differently of what God has planned for me outside what I already know and understand.  Living a Christian life is not easy when some things do not go according to plan – your plan – but when it goes according to God’s plan, it will be what it is no matter if I am in agreement or not.  I will take what God throws my way despite certain emotions that can get in the way.

Sep 232018

Now that evening has arrived, AR gone for the week, here I am writing in my diary one last time before heading to bed for the night.  Yep, it is after 8 PM and I am a little more awake than I would like to be.  The overwhelming feelings I have had most of the week are beginning to level off to function better since Bing’s trip to vet on Wednesday.  I am glad Bing is going to be okay.  He is such a trooper, a fighter, and very forgiving.  He knows he is loved.  Anyway, here I am writing my good night and my plans to be back tomorrow is questionable at best.  I do know that I am looking forward to week for most, but one day, I am questioning and praying goes well.  I am doing my very best at not worrying right now.