My Day Isn’t Over Yet

As my day continues, I have to admit that I am glad, although proving it wasn’t sure, I do not have a UTI like I first thought. That is a good thing. Dr. H is very good at getting things done. I am not always patient, though, LOL, but today I was for the most part. A little anxious, but it was bearable. Not bearable enough to go to church this morning as I was up and down all night long and woke up at 5 AM when I usually get up at 6:30 AM on Saturday Sabbath and get going for church. Now, Sunday morning are my sleep in days. I find out, at 10:15 AM that my parents from AR are in Wisconsin and wanted to know if I am going to be home tomorrow morning around 10:30 AM, and I told them I am. I just love texts like that. They must be in Milwaukee already. WOW! My day continues to not be so boring and not going to church today has really bothered me this much. What the heck is wrong with me?

A Move I Did Not Make

With the weekend here and I am not at church today makes my Saturday seem a little strange and a little off. I am managing though. My friend JM took a urine sample to the out patient lab at the hospital for me so my primary doctor/physician Dr. H can get it analyzed for a possible UTI or it is just what I deal with from now on. I have to be very careful from this day forward just in case. I will be speaking to Dr. H throughout the day anyway once the preliminary results come in. She ordered them to be done immediately — stat. I wish I would have gone to church, but that idea is now five hours too late.