“Hump Day”

What a week it has been and it is only Wednesday. It is the middle of the week that is considered “hump day” now all around the nation, lol. It does make sense, too. I chuckle at the “hump day” memes and pictures on line on Google search, Facebook, and Empowr. Anyway, it it is the middle of the “workweek” and here I am, having a busy week with a fine little gentleman during the day and then the evening is all mine even though by the time this little gentleman DM goes home. No, I am not baby-sitting…just being around and it happens to be my home/apartment.

Good Morning

Another day has begun and I was able to sleep in until 6 AM this morning. I usually get up at 6 AM every morning to wake up a little bit before DKF gets here at 7 AM for personal cares. It is going to be another busy day.  Her grandson will be here today, tomorrow, and Friday during the day.