Escape Of Time

It is going to be 9 PM CST in about 35 minutes from now.  I had planned to write in my diary, but I do have to admit that time has escaped me this evening and it is time for me to go to bed now.  I understand that it is summer and darkness does not fall upon was in Wisconsin until almost 9 PM, but I go to bed early so I can rise early in the morning to begin my day with personal cares. Tomorrow, Tuesday, July 24 is going to be a busy morning;  Good night and God bless.

Not Going to be My Normal Monday

This is not going to be my usual Monday where I go to the laundromat with my IRIS hired worker DKF. She has to be out of here by 9 AM to go to the courthouse to see her brother-in-law get married by the Justice of the Peace. I am indeed okay with that. I can wait until tomorrow for sure. I have to plan my day accordingly and what I have planned for today is going to be pretty much a “nothing” sort of day. We are allowed to have days like that, right ladies and gentlemen? Sometimes certain things have to be done on different days when something comes up and I do not expect DKF and her husband SF not miss his brother’s wedding. No way I am I going to allow DKF miss that! United in marriage is so important no matter if you get married in a church, in the courthouse, or in Las Vegas. Here I am, not married myself at the age of 48, but I do have a wonderful boyfriend in my life today. So today, after 9 AM, I am going to wing it and go with the flow of the day.