Afternoon is Upon Us Wisconsin Natives

When I go to church every Saturday morning, it is not until 2 PM – 3 PM I do not get home.  We have song time, devotional, mission story, Sabbath school, announcements, worship service, potluck, prayer group, and every 4th Sabbath we have poetry time.  It is a long time to be at church, but it is uplifting and comforting to be among other believers, and members of the church.  I am a member of the church myself.  I got home a few minutes after 3 PM today which was fine.  It was a beautiful day all day long.  Not too hot for a summer day in July.  Being home for a while now I am waiting for AR to arrive to work with me this afternoon and evening for 3 hours.  She will be here within an hour.

Getting There

Sabbath has arrived and now this weekend I can go to church and rest during the weekend.  With the way this week went, I am glad to be among friends I consider my family at church.  I am feeling more calm in regard to my emotions I have dealt with all week long.  How could that be possible?  There is only one possibility to be very honest with you and myself.  God had a hand in helping me understand what is going on in my world (what I see, hear, do).

I know I will have more to write later.