Jun 302018

With Sabbath here and I have a little bit of time to write in my diary this morning before leaving for church around 8:45 AM CST.  I am listening to Steve Darmody radio on Pandora with Roku.  Bing Crosby the Cat is laying on the floor only a foot or two from me relaxing and dreading my leaving him for a little while to go to church.  I am not sure if he has separation anxiety or it is me who has separation anxiety, or we both do.  I would take it that my anxiety has transferred to him.

With my emotional week, breaking a nail this morning along with it, I do have to say that I am glad that Sabbath has arrived.

Jun 292018

I am so glad that today is Friday.  The weekend will arrive, for me, at sundown when Sabbath begins.  I have already been to the YMCA cycling on a stationary bike.  It felt really good even though I could cycle for 10 minutes.  DKF and I came back to my place, and I had a shower to get ready for the day.  I am not sure what time I will see my boyfriend and his mom today around suppertime.