I had a great time visiting with LVM, Pastor Van, and CV for lunch today.  We had salad, fry chic (sp?) (vegetarian chicken) with vegetables, on biscuits, and for dessert Lindt candies.  I even received a love gift from LVM she had gotten from Nevada where she lived.   I am home now, waiting patiently for my next outing with a gentleman from church. I think we are going out.  This is our first date.

At the Moment 2

12:32 PM

I am lunch with friends now.  I am enjoying my visit with my friend and sister by choice LVM.  She is the reason why I have been looking forward to this luncheon date for the past two weeks now.  The last time I saw her was when Grandpa Van passed away a little over two years ago.

12:47 PM

As we sit here and chat, LVM just got word that a friend of hers has a husband who has pain going down his arm and is in his chest.  My heart goes out and prayers are being sent up for the family.