The Rest of the Day

I went to see my nephrologist yesterday and my lab results were not in at the time I left, so I had gotten the call this afternoon between 3 PM and 5 PM stating that the kidney is still very stable.  My kidney creatinine is at 2.7 this month.  I am not going to argue how my kidney is doing after 30 years.  It will be 30 years on March 12, 2018.

As the day continued, I have decided to not watch any TV today.  Nothing really on until 3 PM and 4 PM.  Once Peoples Court and Judge Judy was over, I have decided to spend the afternoon in my bedroom catching up on my diary entries and thoughts, play games on Facebook, and then when 8 PM rolled around, I took my meds and went to bed.  I have personal cares at 8 AM every week day morning, but I had gotten a call from DKF asking me if it would be okay for her to come at 7:45 – 8 AM to my personal cares since one of her clients is canceling for the day.  I told her that would be fine.

As far as my day went, I cannot and will not complain.  It was a wonderful day to myself.

3 PM Thoughts

It is 3 PM in the afternoon in good ol’ Janesville, Wisconsin.   The temperature is 34 degrees.  I cannot wait until Spring.  It will be here soon.  I cannot believe that that we will be setting our clocks ahead an hour this coming weekend Saturday evening.  I will be happy to see and feel the extra time of daylight.  When we set our clocks back an hour and gain an hour of sleep, it also makes me feel tired once it gets dark out.  Getting ready for Spring and Summer months ahead, I have already planned ahead to be staying up a little later and getting up early to begin my day before I have personal cares and other activities for the day to do that are set in stone…so to speak.  What are you doing this very moment?  It is time for my afternoon snack.  What to have?