Last Thought of the Day

I know have wrote a lot today in segments, but I did have a lot to say that was bottled up inside me for a while, a few hours, and some of the thoughts needed to be expressed.  I do not mind others disagreeing with what I wrote because they are only thoughts and memories I shared today.  Writing about my life about politics, religion, and sex are three topics that can be controversial depending on where you stand in your life personally.  My political beliefs as well as my religious beliefs are very straightforward at times, and if I do not like something and something, or someone, makes me angry enough, there is the other side of me that does not come out too often.  Please, just do not corner me or poke me a real big stick to get my attention or I might fight back real hard and get out of the corner so fast you will forget how to blink.  No, I do not turn into the incredible hulk in the female persuasion.


Apartment Building Living

I have been living in the same apartment building going on 20 years and I have lived in two apartments.  In 2006 my cerebral palsy began to take a different road from the one I have begun to show signs of extra support.  I began using a cane.  During the first three years I have moved from the third floor to the first floor because management thought it would be best for me being on the first floor.  As far as my living in an apartment building, this is the first place I have lived the longest.  I have moved 4 times with my parents when I was younger and a teenager and moved 4 different times before moving to the building I am at now and moved one time inside the building.  Even though I moved a lot in the past 47 years of life, moving is something I wish not to do anymore.  As a tenant and resident of an apartment building of 49 tenant apartments, my life here is not secluded in a sense that I feel secluded and unwanted here whatsoever.  I just keep to myself most of the time by coming and going to places, appointments, and just staying close to home.  I choose to refrain myself from going to activities, games, and parties in the community room because of what small communities like apartment buildings have trouble with; gossip and spreading rumors.  I do have my favorite people in here, but I do not go out looking for trouble.  I am an observer and being just that can be a blessing and a curse at the same time.  Seeing what goes on around me can cause me to think why I did I had to see that.  It goes with hearing words go around the building.  I guess the older we get we fall into a world of wonder and still have high school or childish behavior.  I want to be grown up, make decisions, learn from my mistakes, and live past childish behavior as well know that I am not in high school anymore.  I want to live in the real world now.  I do love it here and have my reservations along with loving the place I live in.  I am human, and I do have mixed feelings about a lot of things in my own life.  I just do not need to have someone come in and complicate things I have already accomplished in life.