Entry 2

On February 1 I had written a little bit about my thoughts on politics at the time my mind was racing to and fro.  From now on I am not going to be afraid to share my thoughts politically because I do not care if anyone is a Democrat, Republican, Liberal, or Independent.  My thoughts about what is happening today still stands where they began, and I am proud of President Trump for doing his best at taking care of our Nation and wanting America to safe once again.  I will not argue with anyone no matter where your stand or believe politically.  My thoughts are what they are for a reason.  I am a 47 year old woman who has a condition called cerebral palsy, a kidney transplant recipient for (almost) 30 years, and now I am dealing with the kidney slowing down because of a kidney disease called Glomerulonephritis which is a chronic disease they will one day shut the kidney down completely, and another kidney transplant will take place, and until then, I may have to be on dialysis of some kind.  My political believes do affect my health, too…just everyone else in the entire world, and I am here today because God has allowed me to tell my story or stories of life as days grow.  I am human, and I have made mistakes throughout my life that have changed me in many ways.  I believe the President of the United States (POTUS) – as they say on West Wing – makes mistakes as well – he’s human, too.

Entry 1

It is not early in the morning now.  The morning is pretty much have over and here I am sitting at my computer/laptop wondering where the past 3.5 days went since the fourth day has not yet exactly played out.  It has been since February 4 I have written in my diary.  What is wrong with me?  Nothing.  I have other things to do as well and my days blend into the next with the same routine each morning once I wake up.  I get online before my personal cares worker get here to see what is happening on Facebook, Empowr, and look at some emails, play games for a little while, have my cares, get dressed for the day, have my regular scheduled stuff done.  The idea of being busy, relaxing, and willing to do other things can be exciting most of the time.  I do take more time for Bing Crosby the Cat now as well as read.  My TV is one at certain times of the day since I have had cut down on my cable usage and time watching TV.  My Roku 2 box is now being used daily watching Netflix TV shows and movies, my Spectrum app allows me to watch shows in the moment, and I do not miss my big DVR box any longer.  I do not miss recording programs.