Feb 282018

The past couple of days I have been feeling a little down.  Monday was definitely not my best day, yesterday seemed a little congested with a lot of thought about what happened and what I had to do.  Today, Wednesday, getting over the hump of the week, and yes, “hump day”, I am sitting here realizing the words that had come out of DB’s mouth on Monday “I will be the one giving you notice’, rings very well in my head that is now beginning to clear from the congestion of the past two days.  I am going to get past this one way or another sooner or later, and the hope of sooner than later.  It is believed and more correct than not that when DB mentioned that she’ll be the one to give me notice that she had been planning this for a while.  We were Facebook friends for a while because both of us like playing Bejeweled Blitz, and this morning I have noticed that DB has taken me off as a friend on Facebook.  Oh well, it is her loss, even though it does twinge the heart a little bit.  It is a little upsetting.

It is time for me to move forward again.  I have to get past this.


Feb 272018

Today is the beginning of a new schedule because I had to let DB go this morning.  She was not very nice to me yesterday after we got back from the grocery store comparing me to other clients, not having any goals, not dieting like I should be, and that I have backslid from my independence since IDS closed.  I was hoping to give her one more chance to understand some things, but after what she said to me yesterday took what I had planned off the table.  I am not very good at verbalizing my feelings, so I write them down and share that way.  I am so hurt and bothered by what DB said and did that I texted her this morning what I felt and told her I had to let her go.  This is the conversation we had through text.


I am not happy with how you treated me yesterday, DB.  Not at all.  I cannot allow this to continue.  I have to let you go as of now.  I feel I have given you enough chances to understand.  I know someone who will be taking your place as of right now, and do not need to return on Thursday.   I am hurt and bothered, and I do not have a sounding board anymore, so I am doing this on my own.  I cannot tell you in person because gets tired up.  I cannot believe that you have told me I backslid from IDS.  That took it.



End of conversation.

I believe this was in DB’s plans to stop working with me.  Her response was not what I expected, but I am ok with just an ok from her at this point in time.  I let her go the one way I felt comfortable and able to do.  Now DK-F will take over DB’s position, and I will be paying one person at this time.