My Thought at the Moment

It is 8:19 AM this fine Saturday morning and here I am about ready to go to church, and a thought comes to mind just right out of the blue.  What in the world has happened to my thinking this morning?  Well…it is not bad, but sure did come out of the blue.  It came right out of left field in a baseball game.  I have been so busy with a lot of things lately that writing in my diary has become one of those of lower priorities of life.  I have not been doing my spiritual studies like I first started at the beginning of the month and my heart does need to get back into that once again and stay put.  My plan for the 2018 year has a backup of Bible in one-year readings, Patriarchs and Prophet reading, and my daily devotionals.  They all have been pushed to the back burner.  That is the thought that has come to mind right this morning to write in my diary first thing.  Today, being Saturday, January 27th, I am going to get back into my spiritual studies today … no ifs and buts about it!

My Day So Far…

I will not argue on how my day is going so far.  I just wish that I have given myself a little more time to write in my diary at this time, but in a few minutes,  I have to get going for an appointment to get my med check with my psychiatrist at 2:30 PM and my ride will be here in twenty minutes.  With my day so far, I have done some Bible study, reading of the last book of the Harry Potter series, watched a little TV on my Spectrum TV app, and played with Bing Crosby the Cat while he rested on the futon.  It has been a very good day and if I did not have anywhere to go today, I stay home and do some more writing, reading, and playing with Bing Crosby the Cat.  When I get home, before Sabbath begins, I am going to do more Bible study for Sabbath school in the morning…church is looming in over 24 hours.  I love going to church.