My Thoughts Right Now

Okay…I am not here to discredit anyone’s political view or if someone is a Democrat, Republican, Liberal, Independent, or whatever one sits politically, but in all reality, I have had my fill hearing bad things happening about the President.  It just makes me so sick to my stomach because no one can get along anymore.  I feel, enough as it is, I am in a building of very strong Trump haters to the point that I have been keeping to myself in my own place and not socializing with other tenants here much anymore.  I am not a hermitess or anything like that, but when I am home, I am always on inside of my apartment most of the time with an occasional walk to the mailbox room, pop machine, and manager’s office.  When I see a tenant or two, I do say hello to them, and be a part of conversation if it is something I am interested in.  Politics is one subject I will not discuss or be a part of around here.  In fact, I had the news on for a while and I had to change to something else because Trump was on the news tonight being criticized for his wording about something.  Trump is always getting bashed and honestly, I am getting tired of it.  I do not care where you stand politically, and my thought on politics are what they are for a reason.  I will not say if I like Trump or hate him because just like you and me, he’s a human being, too.  I have had it and it makes me sick.  Tonight, is the first time in a while that I have had some major emotions politically.  I am sick and tired of Trump haters expressing themselves on the phone just as much as people saying this man, this newsperson, this woman, has been raping, raped, groped, and having sexual innuendos with co-workers.  It just makes me so sick.  I have gotten to the point that I now watch The Talk every day or every chance I get because the news is indeed discussed openly nationally with people I like.  I’ve tried watching The View yesterday, but it did not make me feel comfortable listening to and watching.  I cannot even watch The Insider, Entertainment Tonight, CNN, and other news programs I have once enjoyed because of the content and how so much hatred is out there.

For A While Now

I wiill be very honest with myself as well as to my readers, friends, and family, but I do feel very uncomfortable with the company who has been my personal cares company for almost a year now. I have been uncomfortable for a long time now, and I cannot really explain why at the moment even if I could, I cannot really say. I am having mixed feelings about this personal cares company now. My heart is conflicted and I feel pained. My feelings toward the owner of the personal cares company is not 100% any more. In fact, I am not happy with the owner nor the people she has working for her minus my personal cares worker DK. DK’s work with me is the ONLY good thing about the company. With my unhappiness with the company, I have come across trust issues — major trust issues,