A Quickie

My thoughts are ongoing, or it seems so.  I have one more thing to do today that does not require Bible reading and studying this morning, as well as my ODB (Our Daily Bread) devotional, and another devotional that I have started reading as of January 1.  I realized, during the time I was doing my Sabbath School lesson for today I’d forgotten to read my Ellen G. White devotional and thought yesterday.  I am embarrassed by that.  It takes one time to forget something to realize that something is missing in a routine you have created for yourself.  I will survive my forgetfulness.  I just have to get back on track as of today.  I will not be grocery shopping myself, but my IRIS employee DB will be doing that for me today.  While she is gone doing that, I will catch up on my missed devotions from yesterday and read today’s before It gets too late in the day.


Good Morning

I have begun my day a little before 6:45 AM this morning. I believe I had gotten up around 5:30 AM with plenty of sleep under my belt. I have already done my Thursday lesson in my Sabbath School quarterly titled Stewardship: Motives of the Heart, took my morning medications, have had my shower, and got dressed for the day. Not a bad start of my day. I did get 9 hours of sleep — almost 10 hours of sleep last night. No wonder I was ready to get up at 5:30 AM this morning! I had plenty of sleep and I am wide awake. No need for a nap today! Yahoo.