Last Entry of 2017

I am heading to bed a little early tonight to read before lights out for the last day of 2017.  No New Year’s celebration here in the Karnopp household…plans is what is what my year is going to be based on as well as taking it day by day.  I have started a day early…before January 1, 2018.  I just want to deal with life a little better than I have done so in the past.  I know and understand that every new day given is a fresh start but as well knowing we are not promised a tomorrow.

My Afternoon Thoughts

I have had my personal cares this morning before 9 AM instead of tonight around 6:30 PM.  It was a nice change, but it is not one of those changes I want to make permanent at this time, but I do like the idea of not being bothered anymore today.  I did call my neighbor CD down because I had something for her to have, but once she got down here, I found that what I wanted to give her had been taken away when my PCW DK left.  I was disappointed and yet I had no control over what had happened because I do remember asking DK to take the item away.  I did not want it for the item was given to her to give to me for what I thought was under false pretenses.  No one, in my world, who has hurt me or has an attitude, does not have a place in my world.  I do not need to be given something that does not have meaning with the idea good graces comes into play with false hope.  I have been disappointed and hurt badly in the past and no longer am I going to allow friendship under scrutiny be a part of my life.  I want to live a drama-free life right this minute and I thought why not start today, the last day of 2017, beginning with a hope that is real and fantastic. Good plan, right?  A plan that is not a New Year’s resolution or promise but a plan in the works as I write this.