Another Day

It is 8:39 PM on a Thursday night and I have taken all my meds for the day and I am ready for bed.  The TV is off for the night and I hear crickets outside as the living room and bedroom windows are open tonight to allow some fresh, cool air in, my Bing Crosby the Cat is meowing at me to tell me it is time for bed but I did not want to go to bed without writing an entry for Dear Diary.  Bing can wait a few more minutes.

Today was a good day.  One day away from Friday and the weekend coming up.  I have been stress-free and not feeling pressure so far, this week and there are two more days of the week left as Saturday is the seventh day of the week. I had my personal cares at 8 AM this morning, services from 10:30 to 11:30 AM, and then the rest of the day was all mine and Bing Crosby the Cat’s time. What did I do?  I played games on my phone, computer on Facebook, watched some recorded TV programming, got on my Empowr site to like, comment, post, and share to make my quota for the day.  I finished reading a trilogy yesterday and had to charge my Kindle reader and find another good read but that’ll have to wait until tomorrow now. My day was a good one.

Starting Monday there are going to be some major changes happening in my life that have been long coming for some time.  As of September 29, 2017, tomorrow, IDS (Independent Disabilities Services) is closing their doors for good.  The closing of these doors would have happened sooner but the doors were kept open another year and two months after family care changes occurred in 2016.  I will have IRIS from now on – not IDS.  The finding out that IDS were closing their doors for good was announced two months ago in July.  So, I will be seeing my IDS worker MM for the last time tomorrow morning or afternoon.

I will explain more tomorrow if I have time. I have to go to bed here.

The Month of September is Going By Quickly…

Oh where, oh where has this month gone?  It is amazing that we have only three full days of September left of 2017.  This month has flown by so fast.  Even this week is flying by.  With today being the middle of the week – between Monday and Friday – I want to admit that this week has been fast.  Tonight is Bible study and we are in the third part of the 8 part series we have been watching titled How to Die Right and Live to Tell about it by W. Clarence Schilt.

I did not go to church tonight.  I stayed home.