Today, the Last Day of August

The day has finally arrived for my fistula to be looked at.  I am going to be having a procedure called fistulogram to see what is going on and seeing about it being fixed as it is not working properly.  The doctor noticed it on Wednesday, August 23 when I was at my two-month checkup regarding my kidney disease and function.  At one point, until yesterday, I was worried and wondering about the procedure.  I had questions that kept coming up.  Those “what if” questions are so annoying and troublesome in my world.  I dislike or hate them with passion.  I am a stronger woman than I proclaim myself to be.  People in my life tell me that I am a strong woman and stubborn as I am, I do not think so.  I have some baggage in my life.  I am a strong person.  I have to be as the need to be is right there in front of me.

I will be gone all day today.  I will be back home some time this evening.

What is Happening Today

I do have to admit that my diary writing has become something I do not do as often as I once did now-a-days.  It is not easy sitting at a computer laptop for hours on end on certain days because I do get busy and today, being Monday, I am always busier on Mondays.  Today I really do not want to be bothered.  I hate days like this.  Uugghh…oh well.  I think my worker and I will work something out.

I did not go grocery shopping.  I let my DB go without me as I stayed behind to rest up and get some things done.  I am not feeling the greatest.  I hope it is not a Summer to Fall cold!  I have a procedure on Thursday, three days from now, to have my fistula checked for any clotting to see why it is not working properly now even though dialysis is not necessary.  We still want my fistula to work properly so when it is time for me to do dialysis I can go to the dialysis center right here in town.  I was pretty shaken up on Wednesday when I had found that my fistula was not working properly.  I became scared for a couple of days.  Now I must wait until Thursday and the waiting game is something I am not very good yet.