My Late Morning Entry

I cannot believe that it is already going on 11:15 AM here in Wisconsin.  Where in the world does the time go?  I cannot believe how fast my day is going so far.  I have had my personal cares at 8 AM this morning, did some upgrading/updating on my MacBook Air computer, and just made sure that everything was cleaned.  Now I am back to my MacBook Pro computer. I am getting very excited about getting my hair cut this afternoon and time is going fast and now a little bit slowly because of the anticipation of my hair cut at 12:45 PM.   A little anxious here.  Good bye to the style I had since March 6, 2017, and soon to be hello to a new hairstyle after 12:45 PM.  Excitement in the air.  I must keep myself busy for now…for an hour and a half anyway.

Bing Crosby the Cat is being a wonderful cat and a very good boy.  He’s happy to be near me and right now he is laying down in the recliner we both share from time to time.  Do not interrupt a sleeping cat unless he wakes up and begins meowing.  He is getting lots of loving today.  He gets lots of loving every day.  He is my big boy.

As time continues to move ahead, I am too, moving right ahead.  It feels weird at times that when I anticipate an outing, times seems to move ahead so slowly.  It is so frustrating and it kills me (lol) to no end.  I really love anxiety…NOT!

My Morning Entry


I am up early this morning and earlier than normal for a Thursday.  No, not able to sleep in today.  Personal cares have been changed to 3 PM Tuesday – Friday but this week my personal cares worker did not have to do a client the past couple of days and tomorrow (Friday) so she has been coming here at 8 AM.  She told me yesterday (Wednesday) that she preferred mornings with me but her schedule has changed because Santee Home Health Care Services has grown since I began in January as a client.

I have an appointment today.  I am getting my hair cut today.  I found a hairstyle I like/love and the hairstyle.  This is the hairstyle I want:  If not, I have two other choices that I really like as well.  They are:, and  I am not coloring my hair anymore and I would like to start over from short hair to long since my hair grows kind of fast for some reason.  I am very excited.

Right now, I am watching “Deadly Women” on ID.  I do not watch TV much anymore but I am doing so now.  I love the quiet.  I have decided to turn off the TV and record the episode that is on and watch it later.  I enjoy the quiet right now.  I am hoping today is going to be a good day.  It is going to be a good day and I am going to be happy.  Personal cares will be taking place in 45 minutes.  It is time to take meds.  More later.