Afternoon and Evening

My hair appointment was moved to 1:45 PM so DB and I went to Dairy Queen next door and had a sandwich and water, then we went to Dollar General to see what there was for clothes hampers because mine is getting old and almost unusable after four years, lol, then we went back to the Academy of Cosmetology to get my hair done.  I forgot to mention, since DQ and DG were next door to the “school” we walked to and fro instead of driving DB’s car just so many feet or yards, or short distance.  I wanted to walk it.  It felt good for a walk and it was an awesome day for it.


With nothing planned for the evening after my haircut appointment, I relaxed the rest of the afternoon and then I decided to read and listen to some TV.  It has been a very good day and I will not argue on how my day went.  I have had a very good week so far even though there is still some kinks in it to work out at best.  No complaints really.  It has been an awesome day!

Waiting is So Hard to Do

I do need some help here.  Waiting is so hard to do!  My ride will be here around 12:30 PM and that is fifteen minutes away from now.  Why can I not wait for another fifteen minutes?  I remember when getting a haircut as a child was like pulling teeth but now, several years later, getting haircuts is not at all a chore.  I CAN’T wait to get my hair cut this afternoon.  I have another fifteen minutes before I head out that door to my haircut appointment.