Finished “The Circle” Book and a Quick Thought

I do have to say that I have finally finished reading “The Circle” today.  I have some thoughts about the book vs the movie but that’ll be another day.  Sabbath is now here and bedtime is looming real close.  I am getting tired now anyway.  I did have a good day.  I had an appointment this afternoon and it was good.  No med changes for my emotional health.  When I had gotten back home and checked MyChart at Mercy, I saw my labs have finally been posted.  I was impressed to see that my creatinine had improved from last month and knowing that I will always have kidney disease (degeneration) after 29 years.  The disease was founded by March 2016 so I have had this for almost 1 ½ years now.  Am I upset?  No, I am not.

Time for me to say good night.  I do not usually stay up past 9 PM on Sabbath evening but I wanted to write something before going to bed.  Good night and God bless.

My Day of Thought and Wonderment

It has been a very good day all day.  I had personal cares around 9:15 AM – 10:15 AM this morning, went to the hospital laboratory to get my labs drawn for this month regarding my kidney counts, came back home and got my mail for the past couple of days, and then did practically nothing the rest of the day.  No, not a boring day or life today or any day.  It has been a great day.  I did watch some TV, read, nap, and get on Empowr and Facebook today to do what I enjoy doing the most.

I am still reading “The Circle” and it is very good compared to the movie.  I am in book 2 of the 3-book series and almost done with book 2.  The movie, compared to the book was good enough for me to like it but I can I understand the reviews the movie got from reputable sources – reputable or not to others.  I will not argue the reviews and I will no longer recommend the movie to others because the book is indeed better.  Why is always the book is better than the movie, TV program?  I have no idea.  I have been watching less TV lately.  It depends on my mood.

Last week Thursday, when I had learned that IDS was closing its doors in September, I also learned that RS is back in town with her boyfriend.  I had spoken to the manager about it and she has not only been seen by my personal cares worker when she is doing things around time.  Apparently, RS and her boyfriend have been close by here as well living in the truck in parking lots until they are asked to move their truck elsewhere.  My heart still aches over what RS has done to me for six months but my heart does not want to see anyone homeless.  I must, should, or need remember, even though some unwanted memories, RS has chosen this life and I cannot help her nor can anyone else help her.  It is just a shame that she has decided to come back from a short stint in Illinois.  I wonder if her family keeps in touch with her or have disowned her.  Whatever her family has chosen depends to them and no one else.  It is their business but I do wonder to this day since I found out last Thursday and today that RS was back in town.  Why would someone want to continue to be in a relationship with someone homeless and abusive?  That is the sad part of it all.